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Chorley Rooftech offers a flawless service when it comes to fascia board replacement. So, it’s good to know that our service comes with a choice of installation, cleaning, and repair to all residential or commercial properties.

Your home’s facia board adds protection and style to the exterior of your property. So, if you think yours is letting you down, then we can help!

Our fascia board specialists are available at any property in Chorley or the surrounding areas. We’ve been established for over 35 years, along with full health & safety trained employees.

What are Fascias?

‎A fascia is the main board that carries the gutter on a building. With fascias being mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house it can be the centre of damage. Therefore, if your fascias break or get mouldy that is when it time for Chorley Rooftech to come in and survey!

During their lifespan a Fascia will have to endure so many different weather conditions. Thus leading to inevitable deterioration over time, especially applying to wooden fascias. So a uPVC fascia board replacement will be a much more effective solution to prevent runing your property.

Alternatively, replacing wood fascia boards will be really hard, so leave it to the professionals. The Chorley Rooftech team can safely remove your moudly fascia boards and update them with a new board. This also may just be your ideal opportunity to update your home’s appearance.

What kinds of Fascia board do we stock?

At Chorley Rooftech we offer low maintenance fascias so you can have peace of mind once they are installed. So, with the selection of sizes, colours, and styles we can ensure that it will improve the appearance of any façade.

For example, we have 5 styles that you can choose from in an array of colours that includes: White, Black, Brown, to Pale Gold, Sable and modern greys. Grey fascia has become a popular choice for home renovations and the choice comes in three different shades of grey, Storm Grey, Dark Grey and Anthracite Grey.

What our Fascia Board Service includes

Our Fascia board services cover a wide range of problems that you will run into with your fascias boards. Such as, installing brand new fascias across the property allowing full function immediately! Also, we can clean your fascias if they are mouldy or dirty meaning they would look great and last longer. Additionally, we have a repair solution that will help if a piece breaks off for example. Overall, we are experts in this field and can handle anything your fascias throw at us!

If you need any more information on our Chorley Rooftech’s Fascias please contact us today! We are happy to answer anything that you require!