Gutter Repair Preston – Complete Fascia & Soffit Service in Preston

Prolong the life and appearance of your guttering system at home or office with our complete fascia & soffit service in Preston

Gutter repair in Preston
Gutter Repair Preston – Complete Fascia & Soffit Service in Preston


The importance of fascias and soffits go way beyond uplifting the aesthetics of your building. They are essential to your property’s overall structural integrity. Both fascias and soffits keeps rainwater off your property and ensures that its roof has optimal ventilation and is free from moisture. It is, therefore, vital to keep your fascias and soffits in good shape. Regular maintenance not just allows your guttering system to work as efficiently as possible, but it also serves to spot a damage and address it before it turns into a bigger problem. 

Having a team of guttering experts to fall back on when you’re faced with a need for repair can save you a ton of headache and expenses in the long run. That’s who we are, at Chorley Rooftech. With over 35 years of experience in the roofing business, we bring to you first-class roofing and guttering services using only the most trusted and industry-leading products in existence. 

Whether you’re looking replace your old fascias and soffits to give your home or office facelift, or you need to repair a faulty guttering system, you can take advantage of our excellent installation, repair and replacement services anywhere in Preston.   


The Preston weather can be harsh on your rafters. Fascias protect and seal them to prevent rotting. This is why any sign of damage in your old fascias must be addressed immediately. At Chorley Rooftech, we offer all types of fascia repair and replacement using stronger and superior products on the market.  

We offer you an extensive choice of low-maintenance, durable, and rot-resistant PVCU fascia in a wide array of sizes, colours and styles to go with any façade. Our incredible fascia systems support your guttering all year round, providing a long-lasting protection. Plus, they come with a solid guarantee against warping, cracking, and discolouration.  


It’s often easy to forget the soffit board as they remain hidden underneath the fascias. However, they are just as much important as the fascias in protecting the overall health of your roof and preventing dampness and rotting by allowing air-flow through the roofline. 

Just like our fascias, our soffit boards are made from the finest materials and come in a wide variety of designs that allow them to provide essential ventilation and protection. They also enhance the character and curb appeal of your home.  

As guttering experts that work in your best interests, we always begin by inspecting your soffits for damage and determine if they really need complete replacement. In other words, old soffits don’t necessarily need to be removed as long as they are in good condition and doing their job of maintaining adequate ventilation. Covering such soffits with vinyl or aluminum material can achieve the aesthetic edge you’re looking for without having to toss the older soffit boards.   


As one of the fastest-growing home improvement materials in the UK, PVC external cladding is guaranteed to give your home’s exterior a completely new look, enhancing its appearance and its value. 

Our Freefoam cladding in a range of contemporary wood grain finish achieves the same visual appeal as popular timber cladding options, but are a lot less demanding of maintenance. In fact, our PVC cladding works perfectly in situations where timber might be used traditionally.

Why choose our fascia and soffit services in Preston?

We believe that your guttering system, being one of the key elements of your roof, deserves nothing but top quality materials and expert professionals. With that aim, we offer roofline products that are:

  • Designed to produce the most hard-wearing, robust, and thermally-efficient result
  • Highly resistant to rotting, cracking, peeling or flaking
  • Highly resistant to bacterial and fungal growth
  • Smart to look and provide a boost to your home’s overall appeal 
  • Blessed with the best weathering performance in the industry

Besides the right roofline products, we make sure to use the correct methods and techniques for repair, replacement, and maintenance of your fascias and soffits. So you can always have the peace of mind knowing that such a critical system of your property is in the safe hands of experts. 

Keep your home safe, dry, and warm all year round by working with a reliable and reputed team such as ours. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote today!


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