Gutter Replacement Chorley

Is your home’s gutter pipe broken beyond repair?

If yes, you need to act fast because guttering, downpipes, fascias, and soffits play a vital role in protecting your property from dampness, mould growth, and water damage. When ignored or left untreated, faulty guttering could potentially cost you thousands in repair.

At Chorley Rooftech, we get to the bottom of any roofing and guttering issues before the damage gets worse. Our fully trained staff replace gutters, soffits, and downpipes ensuring they function optimally so your property is well protected.

What to take care of your roof?

Gutter replacement in chorley
Gutter replacement in Chorley


As roofing experts, we recommend our customers to take good care of their roofs and provide excellent maintenance and repair services to help them do that.
We also believe that as a homeowner, you should understand how critical guttering systems and fixings are to retain the health and aesthetics of your building over years.
The critical architectural elements that are found along the edges of the roof are meant to provide a seamless visual, and make the structure have a good finished look. Most importantly, they have essential functions that reduce the risk of damage to your roof.


The fascia board is also known as the roofline is mounted where the roof and the outer walls of the house meet. It is the board that carries all the guttering. Fascias in Chorley need to be really robust because during rains they carry several gallons of water into the gutters. They come in different colours and styles as they impact the appearance of the façade of the house.

Chorley Rooftech offers an expert, experienced, and flawless service when it comes to fascia board replacement. Our service includes a choice of installation, cleaning, and repair in all residential or commercial premises.


Soffits are an integral part of the roofing system as they cover and protect the underside of the roof edge. This is the part that can be seen from the ground level. Often ventilation to the inner roof is introduced in the soffits, while another option is ventilators on the fascia board itself. Either way, vented soffits provide air circulation in the roof void so that condensation and trapped moist air does not decay the timber inside.

If you are looking for Fascias and Soffits in Chorley, remember that they are an effective and at the same time aesthetically appealing way to handle roof maintenance in the long term. Choose high-quality materials from a range of options that neither downplays quality nor visual appeal.


Cladding in Chorley is highly recommended given the weather conditions. It improves the appearance of your roof, as well as, provides extra protection with an added degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance. We recommend the high-performance PVC cladding that comes in a range of pastel colours, and woodgrain finish.

Always keep those gutters clean. A clogged gutter can damage your property and result in internal damp problems. Gutter repair in Chorley is mostly warranted following high wind, storm, and rains. If you feel that the gutters on your roof are leaking, sagging, damaged, or not draining rainwater properly, it’s time to call the professionals.

We are the best people to work on your roof!

Finding the right Guttering installers in Chorley can mean the difference between a safe house structure and a pit of replacement expenses ahead.
Here are some of the highlights that make Chorley Rooftech the best service providers for that roof job:

  • We are insured and licensed, we value the protection of our customers, their houses, and business. It speaks of the appropriate credentials of our company and of our experience in roof replacement and repair.
  • We work with quality materials only. The superior integrity of materials used has a big impact on the value of the repairs to your roof. We know our products and workmanship will last long, it will ease your maintenance routine and will be worth every penny spent.
  • Our trained and experienced crew can complete any installation and repair work with the first-class accuracy. They explain all maintenance requirements of new features added. They have an eye for detail that allows them to recommend fixing any issue that might lead to problems later.

If you would like to see the final results of fascia, soffits, cladding, or gutter work, we would be delighted to showcase our testimonials from happy customers. As a professional gutter repair company in Chorley and surrounding areas, we understand that you need to be sure about booking services for your roof. The roof is important.

We pride ourselves on prompt and professional service. Get in touch with our expert team at Chorley Rooftech for an estimate or an inspection on roof health and repair.

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