Simple Tips when Hanging Christmas Lights on Gutters

It is that most wonderful time to commence untangling your Christmas holiday lights. So, once you find them in the bottom of the box stored in the garage or loft. We ask you to pause for a moment before lighting the ledges of your home and think about safety and damage control.

You see, year after year you may hang exterior lighting. But do you take the necessary precautions to prevent damage to your guttering

Therefore, in the spirit of Christmas, we thought we would provide you with some handy tips for hanging lights on your home’s gutters.

How to Protect Your Gutter System When Hanging Christmas Lights

  1. Clean and Inspect Your Guttering Thoroughly for Damage

First things first we advise you clean and inspect. This cannot be overstated, so before doing anything that involves your roof your gutters need to be cleaned of debris and inspected for any damage as you are adding additional weight to the guttering that could damage or bring down a weak gutter system.


  1. Do not overdecorate your Gutters like a Griswold

Resist the urge to hang hoards of lights from your roof. When you hang too many lights from your gutters gravity kicks in and damage can ensue. Additionally, stay light by placing heavier cabled lights on the lawn area, trees, hedges, and fencing instead. Keep the gutter lights light and your home will stay safe for the Holidays.


  1. Use Gutter Clips and Kits Made Exclusively for Hanging Christmas Lights


Do not attempt to fix lights onto your gutters by makeshift methods. Did you know there are gutter clips made exclusively for hanging lights available at your DIY and hardware stores? Standard dimensions of sound gutter clips usually work with most outdoor lights and are suitable for all varieties of mini-lights, tube-lights, and icicle-light sets.

If you have any concerns about your gutter’s ability to handle your holiday light load this season, then contact us for a gutter inspection, cleaning, and repair needs.


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