‘Sorry That I Accidentally Removed Your Roof’

Construction Company Buys An Apology Cake To Make Amends After Destroying Wrong Family’s House

A construction company attempted to make amends for demolished part of the wrong house by buying them a ‘sorry’ cake from grocery store.

Roy Co. Roofing in Roy, Washington supposedly made the error two weeks ago, tearing a roof off a house that turned out to be the wrong one, due to a mistake on the work order.

To make it up to the family of the mistakenly-roofless house, the owner of the company went to his local supermarket to buy them a cake, and filmed the shopping trip for a video he posted on YouTube.

It’s unclear if the mistake was actually made or if the video is merely a joke, as Roy Co. Roofing posts a lot of funny pictures and posts detailing mistakes and poor workmanship.

In fact, the same week as the roofing incident, they wrote on Facebook: ‘We recently had a complaint from a client about using bubble gum instead of nails… if you do not like our building methods, you can go shove a cactus in your a***.’

Real or not, the idea as tickled the funny bones of thousands online. Introducing the video, the owner explains that his co-worker Chad made the major error that led to the wrong house being torn into.

‘The people who owned the house were extremely upset, so I’m hoping this cake will make up for the $7,500 in damages. Fingers crossed!’

In the clip, he can be seen approaching the bakery and picking up a cake with orange and yellow frosting.

He asks the young woman working behind the counter how long of a message she can fit on top, and asks her to write: ‘Sorry that I accidentally removed your roof.’

When the woman behind the counter tells one of her co-workers what happened, the man starts getting questions about the odd incident.

‘It’s not the first time,’ he says.

According to the man, the cake was a success, because after delivering it he hadn’t heard back from the family.

‘I don’t think I’m gonna have to get a roof for these people,’ he says. ‘The weird thing is, though.’

Roy Co. has posted other jokey messages in the past. In January, they wrote: ‘Due to the threat of being sued by the BBB, we need to issue a recall on the construction of the last five homes we have built.’