Things You Should Know About Flat Roof Installation and Repair During COVID-19


Things You Should Know About Flat Roof Installation and Repair During COVID-19
Things You Should Know About Flat Roof Installation and Repair During COVID-19


Do you need to get repair work done on your leaking rooftop? Or, have been you considering a flat roof skylight installation? Deliberating on the possibilities of getting the roof work done now owing to COVID-19 constraints, are you? If yes, then you can go ahead with that necessary roof repair or replacement work, without any hesitation, even during this pandemic. Chorley Rooftech tells you how.

Roof work in the pandemic

Roofing being integral to the construction industry, which is an essential business, roof-related service providers have shifted their mode of operations and included mandatory safety protocols in their operations to stay relevant. Though restrictions in the UK have started to lift lately, it still makes sense to be aware that you, as a homeowner or commercial entity, can get flat roofs in Leyland installed in these COVID times.

As with most services off late, digital is the way to go. So, check online for roofing contractors for GRP roofs in Leyland, book the service you want, and get the necessary roof replacement or repair for your house or office, all from within the safety of your home. 

Compare and contrast different service providers 

It’s no secret that to stay in business during the pandemic, most service providers are establishing their digital presence. Roofing contractors are not an exception. However, that also means that when you search for “fibreglass flat roofing Leyland, for example, you’ll be flooded with choices.  

The next step is to compare the service providers in your area and shortlist the ones best suited to your needs.

Get roof work done with minimal physical contact

To minimise physical contact, roofing contractors are offering consultation and estimates digitally. You can contact the service provider of your choice over email, text, phone, or online chat and book a virtual appointment for a detailed consultation and estimation. You can get your queries regarding cost and the repair or installation process answered over a call.

Some roofing contractors also utilise satellite technology to collect roof dimensions or even understand the extent of repair required. Alternatively, you can send images or videos of roof damage to the contractor online to derive an appropriate cost estimate.

Once you agree to the cost estimate, all paperwork and scheduling of roofing work can be done online. Financing options can also be accessed online. Transactions to pay for services can be done digitally through secure online payment modes so that you can order roof-work without stepping out of your home.

Apart from this, since all work for roofing repairs and installations takes place out in the open, the roofing crew may not need to access your interiors at all, thus reducing the chances of disrupting social distancing protocols.

Check if COVID protocols are being maintained 

All roofing service providers must adhere to COVID protocols outlined by the government. Check with the contractor about the safety protocols they are following and whether they are sanitising their roofing tools and equipment, work attire, and vehicles. Make an informed choice and weed out all chances of possible contamination.

As a reputed roofing service providers Chorley Rooftech ticks off all the boxes. Contact us today and get top-quality roofing work done even during COVID by our licenced and trustworthy tradesmen.

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